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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

    • 16 Nov 2017
    • 21 Dec 2017
    • Webinar

    Masshealth November & December Phase 1 ACO Awareness Webinars

    To sign-up, please register at the MassHealth Learning Management website at and create your profile.  Once you are registered, you can select a course date and time available. 

    Please note that these webinars are all the same, so providers do not need to sign up for more than one.





























    • 01 Dec 2017
    • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
    • UMASS Medical School Campus, Amphitheater/2nd Fl., 333 South St., Shrewsbury, MA 01545

    Substance Abuse and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
    Date & Time:
     December 1, 2017 (Friday), 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
     $250 BIA-MA Members, $275 Non-members
    Francis R. Sparadeo, Ph.D.
    Continuing Education Credits: Click here
    Learn more: View/Download Flyer

    Learning Objectives:
    1. The clinical criteria for substance abuse disorders, including misuse/overuse of prescribed and OTC medications.
    2. The relationship of substance abuse to the occurrence of ABI.
    3. Recommended approaches and procedures for assessing individuals with ABI and substance abuse.
    4. The impact of commonly abused substances on cognitive function. 
    5. Recommended approaches and treatment models for the combined problem of ABI and substance abuse, including pain management.

    Register here

    • 11 Dec 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar - Online

    KT Science and how to make research accessible - December 11

    Melanie Barwick, Ph.D.,CPsych, University of Toronto

    This webinar is offered for 0.1 CEUs (Various level; Related area)

    More information here.

    • 12 Dec 2017
    • 14 Dec 2017
    • New York, NY

    Join us at a Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop in New York, NY on December 12-14, 2017!

    If you or someone you know trains or consults to educators of young children, the Hanen Centre has a training opportunity that's worth investing in. The Learning Language and Loving It Certification Workshop equips you to deliver an evidence-based training to educators that has been shown to change teacher interactive behaviour in the long-term and increase children's language use.

    Space is limited and our workshops fill quickly! For more information or to register, email  or visit the link below:

Past events

16 Nov 2017 The Importance of therapeutic relationship, patient engagement and hope
15 Nov 2017 Professional Development Webinar Event: Speech and Language Assessments in Multicultural Populations
15 Nov 2017 Functional NeuroAnatomy Review
13 Nov 2017 Hanen It Takes Two To Talk® Workshop in New York, NY
03 Nov 2017 Complex Learners Conference
27 Oct 2017 It Takes Two to Talk® Hanen Certification Workshop
23 Oct 2017 Social Thinking presents Boston Area Conference, School Age
20 Oct 2017 Case Presentations in Pediatric Voice and Laryngology: Hear it, See it, Treat it
19 Oct 2017 PPA and what SLPs should be doing
19 Oct 2017 New England Symposium for Speech-Language Professionals
19 Oct 2017 38th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss
18 Oct 2017 NeuroBehavioral Disorders Associated with ABI: Meeting the Challenges
14 Oct 2017 Selective Mutism Association Annual Conference
11 Oct 2017 Social Thinking presents Boston Area Conference, Ages 4-7
29 Sep 2017 NHSLHA Fall Conference 2017
18 Sep 2017 The latest research on Right Hemisphere
17 Aug 2017 Hanen Target Word™ Workshop in Toronto, Canada
10 Aug 2017 Hanen It Takes Two To Talk® workshop in Avenel, NJ
08 Aug 2017 Live Webinar: Working with Interpreters: Best Practices for Audiologists and SLPs
02 Aug 2017 Hanen It Takes Two To Talk® workshop in New York, NY
27 Jul 2017 WEBINAR - Chronic Care Management Services: Advantages for Your Practice
17 Jul 2017 "Introduction to Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia"
20 Jun 2017 Division of Professional Licensure presents “Did You Know?” Consumer Forum
19 Jun 2017 2017 Annual Golf Classic
19 Jun 2017 The Decibels Foundation 15th Annual Golf Tournament
14 Jun 2017 Pennsylvania Professional Development Workshop 2017
11 Jun 2017 The 8th Annual Decibels Foundation Horse Show
05 Jun 2017 Taking partner training to the next level using an adult learning approach
17 May 2017 Hanen It Takes Two To Talk® workshop in New York, NY
16 May 2017 Spring Professional Development Live Webinar: Teaching Approaches to Vocabulary and Word Learning
15 May 2017 Stroke in young adults: causes, consequences & long-term outcomes
08 May 2017 Decibels Movie Night Fundraiser
05 May 2017 Lidcombe Program for Treatment of Stuttering in Young Children
03 May 2017 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder
03 May 2017 Summer 2017 Autism Spectrum Disorder Courses from UC Davis Extension
29 Apr 2017 Learn to Play the NDT Way, Neuro Developmental Treatment
28 Apr 2017 Demystifying Voice Therapy for Children & Adults: A Hands-on Approach
28 Apr 2017 Supporting Students with Hearing Loss in Mainstream Educational Settings
20 Apr 2017 Art Expo 2017: The World Through My Eyes
06 Apr 2017 Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop
31 Mar 2017 Evidence-based Practice for Austism Spectrum Disorder
23 Mar 2017 Hanen's More Than Words® workshop in Burlington, VT
13 Mar 2017 Early Start Denver Model Introductory Workshop
26 Feb 2017 The Decibels Foundation - Stink Week 2017 "Make a Stink About Hearing Loss'
25 Feb 2017 MSHA Student Event: "Making the Transition from Student to Clinical Fellow"
02 Feb 2017 Introduction to PROMPT: Technique Workshop
31 Jan 2017 Boosting Bilingual Environments for Young Children: What the Research Says
26 Jan 2017 Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Clinical Continuing Education Certificate
23 Jan 2017 Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop
13 Jan 2017 Marketing Principles & Ideas For Your Private Practice
12 Dec 2016 Caregiver Support
12 Dec 2016 Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop
07 Dec 2016 Hanen’s Learning Language and Loving It™ Workshop
03 Dec 2016 Concussion Diagnosis and Management
21 Nov 2016 Working with Australian Aboriginal adults with acquired communication disorders
29 Oct 2016 Hanen's More Than Words Certification Workshop
27 Oct 2016 Health Care Transition Planning for Students with Hearing Loss
20 Oct 2016 Vermont Speech-Language Hearing Association's Annual Conference
20 Oct 2016 The Changing Stroke Landscape
20 Oct 2016 VSHA 2016 Annual Meeting and Fall Conference
13 Oct 2016 37th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss
30 Sep 2016 Children Who Struggle To Speak: Evidence-Based Treatment Techniques for Children with Apraxia of Speech
24 Sep 2016 Assistive Technology for Adults and Children in Clinical Settings
22 Sep 2016 Introduction to PROMPT: Technique - Boston, MA
12 Sep 2016 Update on New and Existing Nondiscrimination Requirements for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists in Healthcare Settings
09 Sep 2016 Striving for Excellence: Reflective and Narrative-Based Practice
21 Aug 2016 Run for Decibels - New Balance Falmouth Road Race
17 Aug 2016 Free and Online! Autism Spectrum Disorder Information Session
11 Aug 2016 2nd Annual iHOPE Summer Olympics
11 Aug 2016 Free Live Event and Webinar Quality Improvement: How to Overcome Barriers
28 Jul 2016 Highlander Institute: Blended Learning Leadership Summit
21 Jul 2016 Highlander Institute: Pathway to a Lighthouse Classroom Workshop
07 Jul 2016 2016 National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech
06 Jul 2016 National Stuttering Association 2016-Dazzling in Dixie
20 Jun 2016 The Decibels' Foundation 14th Annual Golf Tournament
13 Jun 2016 Two Day SCA ™ Core Training Workshop (A2, A3)
09 Jun 2016 Say More Together: Using a Learner-centred Approach with Families Living with Aphasia (E2)
14 May 2016 TalkTools Workshop | Feeding Therapy: A Sensory-Motor Approach
09 May 2016 Aphasia Institute Webinar: Primary Progressive Aphasia Update: Redefining "Progressive"
22 Apr 2016 CSHA Spring 2016 Conference
18 Apr 2016 Aphasia Institute Webinar: Multi-modal or constraint therapies for aphasia: What is the evidence?
12 Apr 2016 WEBINAR: Provider Introduction to TCPI: A No-Cost Win/Win for Providers and Patients
02 Apr 2016 MSHA Student Event: "Making the Transition from Student to Clinical Fellow"
01 Apr 2016 Highlander Institute: Blended and Personalized Learning Conference
01 Apr 2016 Hamilton Relay - Better Hearing and Speech Month Award
21 Mar 2016 Aphasia Institute Webinar: Using economics to communicate the value of care for aphasia
18 Mar 2016 NHSLHA Spring Conference 2016
16 Mar 2016 "Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day: The ILAUGH Model", "The Social Thinking Informail Dynamic Assessment and Core Treatment Strategies" (kinder - young adult) & "Social Detective, Superflex, and Friends Take on Social Emotional Learning"
09 Mar 2016 "Thinking About YOU Thinking About Me", "Implementing Social Thinking Concepts and Vocabulary: A Day to Develop Team Creativity" (kinder - young adult) & "Social Detective, Superflex, and Friends Take on Social Emotional Learning" (kinder - 8th grade)
07 Mar 2016 CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Due March 7 - Clarke's 37th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss: Speaking up for Self-Advocacy!
05 Mar 2016 MSHA March 5th Event: Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing
05 Mar 2016 2016 Risha Conference (Rhode Island Speech-Language Hearing Association)
02 Mar 2016 2016 General & Special Education Conference-Seattle
27 Feb 2016 MSHA Student Event: "Making the Transition from Student to Clinical Fellow"
22 Feb 2016 Aphasia Institute Webinar: Working at the crossroads: Aphasia and Culture
07 Dec 2015 Why Extra-linguistic Cognitive Abilities Matter in Aphasia - Aphasia Institute
02 Dec 2015 Introduction to Pediatric Best Practices - Free Webinar
19 Nov 2015 EdTech RI Meetup
10 Nov 2015 The Lurie Institute for Disability Policy Annual Distinguished Lecture
05 Nov 2015 HB843 Hearing on November 5th
02 Nov 2015 SLP Roles in Re-framing Identity Post Stroke Webinar - Aphasia Institute
26 Oct 2015 EdUnderground
26 Oct 2015 Tell Me What Happened - Teaching Children with High Functioning Autism to Comprehend and Retell Narratives
22 Oct 2015 36th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss - The Sounds of Success: Believe It and Achieve It!: For Parents and Professionals
22 Oct 2015 36th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss - Making Connections! Student Track: For Students in Grades 7-12
22 Oct 2015 Vermont Speech-Language Hearing Association’s (VSHA) Annual Conference
09 Oct 2015 Managing Your Listening and Spoken Language Professional Learning Dashboard: Technology, Technique and Temperament
06 Oct 2015 Online Course: Everything You Need to Know about a Baby’s Mouth for Good Feeding, Speech, and Mouth Development
21 Sep 2015 Living Successfully with Aphasia: what does it take? - Aphasia Institute Knowledge Exchange - Online Speaker Series
18 Sep 2015 More Than Words® Autism Certification Workshop
17 Sep 2015 The Big Give for Autism - #AutismBigGive
19 Aug 2015 Taking Parent Coaching to the Next Level – Helping Parents Make Behavioural Changes That Stick!
18 Aug 2015 Graduate Student Research Survey
08 Aug 2015 2015 Boston Area Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech
09 Jul 2015 2015 National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech
01 Jul 2015 NSA 2015: Magnificent Speech on the Magnificent Mile
09 May 2015 Hearing Loss in Schools/ Literacy and Phonology
30 Apr 2015 2015 Annual IAOM Convention Call for Posters
11 Apr 2015 MSHA Student Event
10 Apr 2015 Improving Reading Comprehension in School-Age Children
03 Apr 2015 Persuing, Choosing and Using Apps with Children with Hearing Loss
03 Apr 2015 Supporting Students with Hearing Loss in Mainstream Educational Settings
03 Apr 2015 "Perusing, Choosing and Using APPs with Children with Hearing Loss"
31 Mar 2015 ANITA
13 Mar 2015 AphasiaAccess Leadership Summit
07 Mar 2015 Feeding Therapy: A Sensory-Motor Approach
05 Mar 2015 Everything You Need to Know about a Baby’s Mouth for Good Feeding, Speech, and Mouth Development
28 Feb 2015 Exploiting Nueroplasticity: Aphasia/Apraxia Treatment
28 Feb 2015 Interactive Metronome
26 Feb 2015 Introduction to PROMPT Technique
18 Feb 2015 Payment of Chronic Care Management Services under CY 2015 Medicare PFS
06 Jan 2015 PART I: Review Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), 2014 reporting options, and the 2015 PQRS Final Rule Changes
06 Dec 2014 Dysphagia in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer: Evaluation and Management Decisions
31 Oct 2014 Dementia Capable Care
25 Oct 2014 Stuttering Therapy: The Littles, Middles and Teens
23 Oct 2014 CSHA Fall 2014 Mini-Conference
21 Oct 2014 35th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss
26 Sep 2014 New Hampshire Speech Language Hearing Association Fall Conference
23 Sep 2014 GI/nutrition issues and autism
22 Aug 2014 It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop
24 Jul 2014 Voice, Swallow and Airway Conference 2014: Symposium of the Masters
17 Jul 2014 Bilingual Symposium
15 Jul 2014 Assessment and Treatment of Children who Stutter: A Workshop of Practical Strategies
02 Jul 2014 2014 National Stuttering Association Annual Conference
07 Jun 2014 The MBSImP And Dysphagia Practice: Targeted Intervention Through Standardized Physiologic Swallow Assessment
19 May 2014 Early Intervention for Young Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
07 May 2014 Phonological Short-Term Working Memory (PSTM): From Baby Babble to The Adult Brain
25 Apr 2014 Accent Reduction 101
24 Apr 2014 Practical Treatment Strategies for School-Age Children Who Stutter
24 Apr 2014 Cognitive Rehab (including therapy apps)
11 Apr 2014 Cochlear Implants: Basics and Beyond
05 Apr 2014 Applying Technology to Support Social and Executive Functioning
01 Apr 2014 Principles Into Practice: Planning Language & Literacy Programs for Learners Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
28 Mar 2014 Progressive and Systematic Speech and Language Training for Children on the Autism Spectrum: From First Words To Social Language
24 Mar 2014 Remediating Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp, Distorted R & Developing Carryover in Articulation Therapy
05 Mar 2014 2014 General and Special Education Conference
25 Jan 2014 Findings in the Food Chute
03 Dec 2013 Effective Interventions for Autism Spectrum Meltdowns
21 Nov 2013 Language, Learning and deaf Children
02 Nov 2013 Family Fun Day hosted by the National Stuttering Association
31 Oct 2013 Getting Off to A Good Start - Another School Year - What We Need to Know
25 Oct 2013 "Post-Concussion Syndrome: Protocols for the Safe and Successful Return to School and Play"
18 Oct 2013 Dementia Capable Care
17 Oct 2013 Vermont Speech-Language Hearing Association (VSHA) Annual Meeting & Fall Conference 2013
16 Oct 2013 Voice Disorders in Adults and Children, and Therapy Strategies
02 Oct 2013 Functional Outcomes Reporting Requirements Using G-Codes for Speech-Language Treatment
18 Sep 2013 Technology in Speech-Language Therapy: Evaluation and Integration of iPads and iOS Apps
19 Aug 2013 PECS Level 1 Training: Basic
14 Aug 2013 Executive Functions: Treatment Options
07 Aug 2013 Adult Conference: "Evidence-based Management and Treatment of Adult Dysphagia"
24 Jun 2013 In Her Own Words: Bartlett vs New York Board of Law Examiners
17 Jun 2013 The Decibels Foundation's Golf Tournament
10 Jun 2013 ASE Statewide Conference
21 May 2013 Creating Positive Environments for Children with Hearing Loss
07 May 2013 PSHA Webinar: Minimizing Bullying for Children Who Stutter
03 May 2013 Supporting Students with Hearing Loss in Mainstream Educational Settings
27 Apr 2013 What Works for Developmental Speech, Language and Literacy Problems
26 Apr 2013 Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Multi-Sensory Approach to Achieving Speech Outcomes
24 Apr 2013 Meet Your iPad®: Essentials for the Busy Educator
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