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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have ASHA certification and state licensure, does that make me a MSHA member as well?

No. MSHA is the state-level affiliate of ASHA, but MSHA is a separate entity and licensure or certification does not provide MSHA membership. MSHA has no affiliation with the state licensure board, however we will advocate to the board for needs of our members.

Q: I have a lot of fees to pay, why should I be a MSHA member too?

MSHA is your state representative for the field of communication sciences and disorders. We work hard at the state level to advocate for our profession and those we serve. In addition to advocacy, MSHA offers information and resources specifically relevant to the state of Massachusetts (e.g., licensure, reimbursement, regulations, legislation), discounts to continuing education events, and free publicity in our quarterly newsletter for research studies seeking participants.

Q: Where do my membership dues go?

Membership dues provide the executive council with funds to guide advocacy, continuing education events, and other member supports. Currently, funds are also being used for a lobbyist to help us pass provisional licensure for Clinical Fellows in Massachusetts. See the State Advocacy tab for more information about this.

Q: Where can I find information about licensure in the state of Massachusetts?

We maintain comprehensive resources regarding state licensure in our Members Area. Information can also be found at:

Vision Statement

The Massachusetts Speech-Language-Hearing Association will be recognized as an authority and resource in the fields of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology by legislative bodies, related professional associations and consumers.

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